About Us

Pappas Pizza Family Owned & Operated Since 1960

The Original Pappas Pizza Downtown is an authentic Greek Pizzeria located in the heart of Downtown Stamford CT. We offer a wide menu of fresh pizzas, calzones, pressed burgers and sandwiches made-to-order.


The restaurant was originally opened by the Pappadopoulos family, in 1958, as a hot dog and burger place.

They started selling pizza in 1960. Filimon Sgouris who was a greek imigrant began working for the Pappadopoulos family and in 1971, Mr. Sgouris purchased the pizzeria. 

Filimon and his wife Audrey ran the business for a few decades. And for the last 20 years, Pappas Pizza is still family-run been keeping the tradition going strong by continuing to serve great food and quality service to their patrons.

Filimon “Pappa” Sgouris founder of Pappa's Pizza

Always Original

Best Pizza in Town Since 1960!

"There's plenty of competition. You've got to provide the best product you can and the best service. We get a lot of people who left Stamford but come back (for visits). They freeze our pizza and bring it home with them" - Harry Zopounidis, Pappas Pizza